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Appointments are available throughout the academic year, please email or use this link to schedule your meeting. These appointments are free. Please bring your Pitt ID, along with any relevant materials to your appointment (e.g. copy of your lease).

Please note that GPSG is a student organization. We are not qualified to give legal advice over the phone nor are we able to arrange legal appointments at times other than those regularly scheduled. Mr. Marcello and Mr. Feinman are paid by a university account and cannot handle cases against the university. Individual complaints with the university should be addressed to the Dean of your school, appropriate administrator, or if that is not successful, to the Vice-Provost for Graduate Studies. Please let us know whether or not existing university policies are helpful in your case. Complaints that involve the student body at large can be addressed by the Graduate Student Organization in your school or, if of concern to students beyond your school, by the Graduate and Professional Student Government.

Pitt’s Housing Resource Center provides useful information regarding tenant/landlord disputes:

The University of Pittsburgh School of Law offers several free clinics to the public (for those who qualify), including the Law Tax Clinic, the Civil Practice Clinic, and the Community Economic Development Clinic. Below is a list of other local organizations that may be of assistance. Free services are available for qualifying low-income individuals in some cases. Listings here are not endorsements, but do let us know whether or not these services are useful.

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