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2023 - 2024 Executive Board
Call for Candidates

The University of Pittsburgh Graduate and Professional Government is seeking candidates to fill the GPSG Executive Board offices for the 2023 – 2024 Academic Year, with positions beginning May 2023.  This opportunity is open to all University of Pittsburgh graduate students regardless of prior experience in student government or graduate student organizations.  Officer positions are eligible to receive a stipend, contingent upon University policy*. 


Available positions include President, VP of Committees, VP of Communications, VP of Finance, and VP of Programming. 

Applying to be a Candidate

Important Dates:

Call for Candidates:

January 30th – March 3rd

Virtual Info Sessions:

February 14th, 11 am-12 noon

February 15th, 1 pm - 2 pm 

Campaign Week:

March 13th – March 17th   


March 20th – March 24th  

Notification of Results:

March 25th   

To qualify as a candidate, you must be enrolled in or accepted to begin graduate or professional school at the University of Pittsburgh during the Fall 2024 semester. 


To apply, you must submit the following materials via email [] no later than Friday, March 3, 2023: 

  • Candidate Biography  

  • Tell us about yourself: school, undergraduate university, and leadership experience 

  • Brief Candidate Statement  

  • Please tell us about your plans for what you will do in this position 

  • Candidate Picture 


The combined length of the candidate statement and candidate biography must be 500 words or less.  The statement, biography, and picture will be displayed on the candidate pages on the GPSG website.  The brief candidate statement will be displayed on the voting page. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to


Meet the current GPSG executive board members and the duties of their role!

Jordyn Kamasa.jpg

Duties of the President 

  • To preside over meetings of the AB and the EB.

  • To coordinate relations with the administration at the University of Pittsburgh

  • and with organizations external to the University of Pittsburgh.

  • To convey the recommendations and decisions of the AB to the administration at the University of Pittsburgh and to organizations external to the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Attend and report on (when permitted by committee policy) meetings of the Board of Trustees Student Affairs Committee, the University Senate-Assembly Board, and the University Council for Graduate Studies if possible.

  • To perform such other duties as are normally required of the Office of President and as the AB may determine.

  • To report their actions to the Assembly at each meeting of the AB.

  • To hold open office hours in the GPSG office for a minimum of 1 hour per week.

  • To meet with students by appointment when requested at a mutually convenient time during regular university hours.

  • To provide agenda items and other information for the Assembly Board meetings to the Executive Administrator a minimum of 10 calendar days before each AB meeting.

  • To chair (or appoint a chair) the External Affairs Committee.

  • To cast tie-breaking votes in both AB and EB proceedings.

  • To ensure at the end of the position’s term that all technicalities of the post are passed onto the next President.

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